silicone sex doll introduce


The silicone sex doll is mainly made of advanced medical silicone, normally the doll with the metal skeleton senior product can be placed into a variety of movements and gestures. the silicone doll is mainly used as a substitute for live viewing or using sex dolls. Entity arising from the earliest inflatable doll. Inflatable dolls originated in the late 1930s in Germany and Japan, originally used for military purposes, later changed to civilian use. With the growing expectation value of the underlying lovers, inflatable doll will undoubtedly reveal the shortcomings of the various aspects of the simulation is very low, it do not have clever joints,and it is easy to leak, the feel is also bad. All these birth defects are greatly restricted the doll market. Thus, the silicone doll came into being, one launch, both gained widespread welcome victory inflatable doll from the perception and feel generally welcomed although expensive, still are welcomed by doll fans.

silicone dollGeneral the parts of Advanced silicone sex doll are imported from Germany, the head hands and feet, with super soft cloth body it has unmatched skin texture and the true sense of touch, addictive; pure wool hand-processed hair a stitch scalp implants, more realistic effects; professional design team carefully crafted pop exquisite costumes, distinctive sections;there is a small button on each doll’s neck and gently touched – doll’s heart there will be ups and downs Oh breathing.


Aniga Doll company is a wholesaler for silicone sex doll,  blow up doll in the world, the silicone doll made by Aniga  Doll company is very real like human, and the sex doll is export to many countries, very popular.
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  1. Is hard to believe that silicone sex dolls was first discovered on 1930 and I think it has something to do with Hitler. Though the dolls looks pretty good this days then the older days.

  2. Good I personally prefer silicone over TPE more because I think silicone gives us the real feeling that TPE cant give

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