3 kinds of role-playing for salesman in sexy lingerie shop

Oct 9, 2014 |

If you want to become a good costume-shopping guide, firstly, you should understand a problem, what are the shopping guide responsibilities? We often ask shopping guide in the actual work: Do you know what is your responsibility? The answer is simple: to sale products as much as possible. The answer is no error, but how to sale products as much as possible. There are three skills.

1, to be a Product Specialistundefined


If you want to sell out your sexy lingerie, you should understand your own sexy lingerie, competitive brand, advantages and disadvantages, technological content of products, production processes. The more you know, the more easy to convince customers. Therefore, Purchasing Guide should get knowledge of the area in your leisure time. For example: check online, and after-sale communication, learning product-training manuals. However, when introducing the product, you should be sure to let the customer feel that knowledge is the benefit that they want to get.

2, to be a brand ambassador

People said: low shopping guides sell brand, middle shopping guides sell products, a great shopping guide sells services. I cannot verify the adequacy of this argument, but shopping guide is very easy to sell a stuff that belongs to a good brand. In real life, you should seize the psychological needs of the customer, and then focus on certain aspects. In fact, the Purchasing Guide is the sales clerks. Marketing: As the name suggests is the promotion and sales. Promote the brand, sales of products. This time, customers believe the products, more focus on its benefits and value. Shopping guide is a direct media for customers. Good shopping guides not only establish brand for themselves, but also make a great influence on the advertisement and image of the company. People often speak: You see the service of Polan Na brand is good, we did not expect and ask, they have helped us to do all.

3 to be a psychological expertsundefined

As a shopping guide, you must be able to speculate mental activity of customers. You can get information just from the specific details of the action, dress, demeanor, eye contact, facial expressions, etc. Some shopping guide does not perceive the needs of the customer and just tell corporate culture, product line, from start to finish overall out of product features and engage to the customers. Finally, customers become tired of listening, and then they leave. Shopping guide need to know the purpose of his purchase of goods. All types of customers have a variety of purposes, so it cannot be talking about with two or three sentences. Anyway, we must learn to tap the psychological needs of customers, regardless of the transaction or not, will likely bring a good influence for my brand.

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