A full range of linear real dolls and SCARA real dolls

Dec 11, 2014 |

Similar real doll coalition backing also is not small, is sponsored by the chairman of the unit, high-tech enterprises Mahdi real doll Automation Co., Ltd. was established. This is a professional industrial real dolls, high-end smart manufacturing equipment and automated production line system to solve the high-tech enterprise solutions, currently the company has successfully developed a series of industrial real dolls.

After combing found that the industry’s “lively”, not only belongs to those early real doll-based industry to high-tech enterprises, the number of listed companies in the first foray into the real doll business when he put great enthusiasm, in order to expand real doll and automation projects mergers and acquisitions.

Among them, it shares in June this year, an announcement that the company through the use of part of the raised funds and German companies  real doll joint ventures and technology licensing business cooperation, which officially entered the real doll business, the future will manufacture and sale of a full range of linear real dolls and SCARA real dolls.

According to incomplete statistics, as of now, there are 70 domestic listed companies about mergers and acquisitions or investments real dolls and intelligent automation projects, many belong to the first foray into the real doll business, these companies, including all-electronic, state forest heavy machinery, Shanghai Mechanical and Electrical, with machine tools.

According to industry sources say, the real doll industry, the annual growth rate of 15% to 20%, this is a conservative argument, the next 3-5 years, will be faster. Some local governments or sale would end subsidies, more stimulated the development of the real doll industry.

December 2, Chongqing Institute of Technology¬† green intelligent office at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of the interview with this reporter, said: “Now you can say that all the people engaged in real doll, and various businesses around the highly motivated, everyone want to come in, but later came there acquire the relevant technology, but also to make a question mark. ”

Many enterprises have not heard, here to buy a motor drive there to buy, then buy a controller, an assembly back, it becomes a real doll. “According to insiders reflect a real doll factory, and now some companies spend money to buy the team, set up a company, they begin to do real dolls.


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