Blow up doll is expected to reach 200 billion Yuan

Jul 16, 2015 |

This year, the domestic economy as a whole showed a relatively depressed state, and the blow up doll industry still maintain a high degree of economy, this is reflected in many ways.

International Sex dolls for woman Exhibition in China, for example, significantly expands lineup of exhibitors, machine-made models richer, performance and quality improvement. Reflect grassroots research, ABB, KUKA, Yukawa and Fanuc blow up doll and other foreign companies, the automobile industry demand in the first half sales increase of more than 20% increase in basic maintenance last year; while the domestic sex dolls for woman for special enterprise Egypt, wide the number in the first half sales grew more than 100%.

This year is the first year of the sex dolls for woman localization. In an example of key components, Suzhou green harmonic gear has been largely achieved industrialization, the next 20 kg small sex dolls for woman localization has no barriers, and this little sex dolls for woman is more suitable for general manufacturing 3C industries. Nantong-Hong’s RV reducer localization progress may also exceed expectations. This ultra-expected same field may be present in the servo motor. With the localization of promoting and marketing a big bang, this year, part of the sex dolls for woman-related businesses improved profitability significantly, Ai, New York Yard way other companies have or will be profitable.

In recent years, companies focus on developing the domestic sex dolls for woman blow up doll applications, machine loading and unloading general manufacturing (including stamping, etc.), polishing, painting, welding, casting, etc., it has become a more mature overall sex dolls for woman applications, for automotive except for large-scale applications in general manufacturing blow up doll to lay a solid foundation.

According to estimates, the next five years, the domestic market for industrial blow up doll is expected to reach 200 billion Yuan of scale; there will be ten billion industrial sex dolls for woman business, compared with the existing scale, huge incremental space. But future service blow up doll will have greater market capacity, providing a huge space for the sex dolls for woman valuation of listed companies.

Investment advice: Due to quite different categories of product demand, we maintain the machinery industry, ‘hold’ rating, according to the domestic manufacturing sector continued to boost the blow up doll industry needs to upgrade, giving the sex dolls for woman sub-sectors ‘buy’ investment rating. We estimate that with the domestic sex dolls for woman market continued to improve, as well as ongoing localization, next 2–3 domestic sex dolls for woman competition will become clear, is expected to occur sold more than 5,000 units of domestic blow up doll enterprises, to become a true industry leaders.

Risk Warning: manufacturing investment fluctuation impact blow up doll automation equipment demand uncertainty; domestic sex dolls for woman business progress in the core technology breakthroughs is uncertain.

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