Boyfriend bought Japanese Real Dolls made me sad.

Aug 5, 2014 |


My boyfriend bought a Japanese Real Dolls, but usually our sex life are very harmonious. I was quite shocked, feeling that there is a very heavy thing on me, especially the particularly uncomfortable heart. If the doll was I bought him, I can accept, but he bought the doll secretly made me angry and sad.

Let us talk about our situation now. We’re getting together for more than five years. We are often in different places, he is in City A while I am in City B. when I go to his city A, it will take the two plane two hours. This year because of the emergency situations at home, I must return to my city B, leaving him along in the City A. But I never and did not think that he he bought an inflatable doll when I was not around him though he deleted the purchase records but I found it out.

I am particularly afraid, because we are getting married this year. I had a quarrel with him and I told him there is no longer trust. He was so calm and he explained to me that he did not mean not love me when using the inflated dolls. He needs to solve his sexual problems when we are not together. The doll is just like a toy for fun. Gradually, I was persuaded by him and believe him again, after all, we are often apart in two different places,and at least he did not go out to find another girl!


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  1. I do not want to fuck with any sex doll .Real human being is much more comfortable with a sex doll.

  2. I do not have girl friend ,Noby wants to have sex with me .So it is fine for me to have sex with sex doll.