Can new type of the sexy lingerie heat by themselves?

Oct 7, 2014 |

The weather is getting cold, one kind of “self-heating” sexy lingerie selling well.

Mr. Han received“self-heating” sexy lingerie that his son bought on the internet. His son told him the clothes consisted of a particular material called “Salaam,” they are able to self-heating. However, as a physics teacher, Mr. Han was very puzzled, according to the law of conservation of energy; clothes should absorb heat from the outside. So, is that really?





Experiment: There is no change in the thermometer wrapped in sexy lingerie

When the experimenter asked Purchasing Guide about thermal sexy lingerie counter in several large clothing stores, all of them said that they had thermal sexy lingerie that can heat by them.

Experimenter purchased five models of this sexy lingerie to make an experiment, then control the temperature at 23℃, and next, the thermometer were tightly wrapped in sexy lingerie. Half an hour later, the experimenter found out the thermometer, the thermometer is displayed as 23 ℃, no change.

An hour later, the experimenter will find again the thermometer extract view, the thermometer shows the temperature remains at 23 ℃.

Experimental results show that the sexy lingerie that claims can be “self-heating” of thermal underwear is not true.

Analysis: The fiber can absorb external heat to feverundefined

Associate professor of Beijing Institute of Clothing GongYanCheng said that if we can simply rely on sexy lingerie material self-heating, which is impossible. The fibrous material can be self-heating does not exist.

In thermal sexy lingerie label, the reporter saw all of them marked above infrared fiber.undefined

Experimenter bought thermal sexy lingerie samples sent to Beijing Clothing Institute laboratory for testing. Professional fiber scanner showed that thermal sexy lingerie samples containing copper, iron, titanium, zinc, antimony and other elements separately.

In general, by absorbing some of the far infrared and even some of the chemical reactions by heat to achieve this are possible. The metal elements played a role in the absorption of infrared. Clothes also played a better insulation. However, it is not a concept with businesses claiming self-heating. In this point, the propaganda is exaggerated.

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