China will be the largest usher in industrial life like real dolls

Oct 20, 2014 |


Lee predicted that after the automotive field, the electronic products,electronic communications and other life like real dolls will become an important market;The life like real doll industries are facing recruitment difficulties, rising labor costs and other issues. It poured into the life like real doll industry and will become inevitable; There are many working conditions that are not conducive to the artificial advantage. We can see that the life like real doll is also starting to show.

China currently has 45 million workers in the manufacturing sector, and there is a huge life like real doll alternative space. Domestic strategic industries made a production and the research institutes publish new industry investment strategy. China will be the largest usher in industrial life like real dolls explosive growth.

It is predicted that, compared to the United States, Germany, Japan and Korea Shikoku manufacturing life like real doll density, Chinese six industries will take 1080000-240 million units of industrial life like real dolls. The industrial life like real dolls accounted for approximately 70% of total demand. And with 200,000 / unit basis, industrial output value of the space life like real doll will rise to 310 to 688 billion yuan.

Professor Wang from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics believed that the life like real doll industry was the future of high-tech industrial strategy. It is the core foundation of intelligent manufacturing equipment, and it would promote the upgrading of industries related industries, which are bringing new materials, sensors and artificial intelligence technology into every industries. The next most important thing is that manufacture life like real dolls will make combination of all three models and it will change the future structure of the manufacturing sector.

He introduced that including industrial life like real dolls and service life like real dolls, the global development blowout nearly three years, which is mainly for Internet and big data, health and things, new energy and smart cars. The smart manufacturing and life like real doll technology is rising. We have to assess the situation and seize the plan to make a solid progress.

Industry experts believe that with the accelerated process of industrialization, China is no longer the traditional sense of the world’s factory. China has entered the post-industrialization in the late stage of industrialization and rapid transition.

Lee said that the low labor productivity is rising labor costs, which has an aging population. We can see that other factors are the sources for Chinese industrial development life like real dolls.


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