Chinese sex doll manufacturing time is not well-off.

Dec 22, 2014 |

To “Chi-made” changes from “manufacturing”, need high-quality front-line workers, domestic demand training vocational education can be achieved? Regardless of the past few decades, the public’s attitude to industrial workers repeated several times, perception of vocational education inconsistencies. Recently, the vocational education system in the most active social training organizations, especially in some parts of the training institutions rely on charisma growth due to personal reasons founder suffered a blow, controversy-ridden

“Industrial  sex dolls” has yet to train operators, manufacturers also face the hard research. According to media reports, sales of nearly 37,000 units last year, “Industrial  sex dolls”, the Chinese manufacturing is still insufficient million units. Faced with leading manufacturers in Europe and America for many years, the emerging Chinese companies do not have much advantage at all, servo motor, reducer, controllers and other core components are still hard nut “bones.” China will continue to be “industrial  sex doll” just need the market, but left to the Chinese  sex doll manufacturing time is not well-off.

Looking overseas, the traditional mechanical manufacturing power are trying to information, intelligence technology into the machinery. Such as Germany launched last year called “Industry 4.0” strategy. So the key to national development strategies, which rely on precisely mature vocational education system.

Machines and people, although timeless. “Machine generation” self-described social innovations continue to move forward. Although expensive for China’s largest industrial  sex doll market, but careful analysis, we want to really embrace the ” sex doll tide,” there are a lot to do.

November 5, the third Chinese  sex doll Forum in Shanghai  opened. As one of the important forum supporting the sixteenth International Industrial Fair, this  sex doll Forum “Innovation and Fusion machine · man · industry,” as the theme, focusing on how to expand the application areas, boost industrial development of  sex dolls.

Deputy Director of Industry and Information Technology Equipment Industry Wang attended the forum and delivered a wonderful speech, Deputy Secretary General of the Shanghai Municipal Government  attended and addressed, the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission deputy , president of Chinese Association and the  sex doll industry many home  sex doll industry experts and entrepreneurs of any speakers.


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