Choose silicone sex doll for men to improve you sex ability

Aug 3, 2014 |


In fact, men have some problems. He is afraid to let a woman think of him to be “incompetent”, or “not good enough” in bed,; such criticism, tends to direct him to think how they behave badly and will hurt his self-esteem.

If women also often mentioned how good the old lover in bed performance, it is easy to make men unnecessary illusions, or Luanxiang feel no matter how hard, are not as other men.

To know the sex drive is always a very personal thing, if the male partner feel inferior to their lover’s e- boyfriend in bed performance,his confidence must be dealt a heavy blow, and the performance will be even worse, with no advantage to both sides.

Hated the thought of his girlfriend when the original heart will warm aftertaste with ex-boyfriend scene, the man’s anger is even more difficult to suppress. In order to escape, probably do not want to go to bed with his girlfriend.

When everyone sexual disharmony, the emotional breakdown is inevitable. Saying words: people than people, than dead. On sexual matters compared complain boyfriend bed as good as the old love, not only undermine harmonious relationship with her boyfriend, but will not enjoy a happy sex life. At this moment, men can choose to buy an inflatable doll or some sex toys such as  self-esteem. silicone sex doll for men, girlfriend to practice and improve their sexual performance.


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