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Jul 16, 2015 |

Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems developed two next-generation women sex doll. This dollsex can be like people have self-learning and self-adapt to the environment of the function, known as humanoid women sex doll, the future can replace humans in many complex environments.

Most intelligent dollsex developed in a complex international environment is also difficult to achieve, like people moves freely, dollsex face difficult terrain or obstacles, cannot be timely feedback like people and make new decisions to adapt to the environment. For example, in a collapse of the nuclear reactors were shut down valve, pump operation and other activities. These women sex doll can only operate according to pre-set a good program, unable to adjust to the new environment.

Two humanoid dollsex, in which a dollsex is called Apollo, there are two smart and an intelligent mind arm, cameras and sensors installed in the mind. The dollsex head scanner, you can scan and collect data surrounding environment, resulting in a three-dimensional image stereoscopic environment, so that the dollsex can correct understanding of the environment. When people do a demonstration action to Apollo, Apollo himself will learn how to do this action, and this action will keep in mind the next time repeat accuracy.

Human dollsex invention, of course, look forward to the day it is like a human observation environment and own way. Engineer has already proposed various algorithms and direction, but still childish very intelligent dollsex. If the new Max Planck Institute for the machine can be used for relief and rescue, then it must have the potential to combat or logistic support. If it also is smart enough to find their own energy, which is almost a machine killer movie.

With unremitting efforts to continuously develop and mature intelligent dollsex technology, and research and development personnel, the industrial dollsex, boot, cooking dollsex, cleaning women sex doll, women sex doll welcome, delivery women sex doll, entertainment women sex doll, education women sex doll, medical women sex doll, fighting dollsex, etc., now have appeared and applications in different fields. In the visible future, women sex doll will be our partners, coworkers, members of the family. Because of this, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, Alibaba and other technology giants, both regarded as the dollsex and the interests of the commanding heights of future technology growth to treat government the United States, Japan, Germany, will women sex doll industry as the future economic development of a new growth point. Ministry of labor also made it clear, women sex doll automation will be an important tool to achieve the ‘Made in China 2025’ in.

Long time, we will be defined as a machine dollsex device automatically performs the work, based on acceptance of the human command confidence; we cannot imagine the arrival of an era of dollsex. Now, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Martin Ford: the ‘Dollsex era of technology, work and economic future,’ the dollsex is divided into two categories: one is ‘weak,’ the dollsex, or a dollsex called blue-collar, people do not need to copy all intelligence, as long as the requirements of their jobs to get people to reach enough. As a big manufacturing country in the world industrial dollsex army in 2014 in China’s factories, accounting for about a quarter of the dollsex; According to the ‘World Executive’ magazine to a survey of Chinese enterprises, 85% of a company’s future intention to introduce industrial women sex doll year, more than 20% of digital and intelligent machines, CNC systems, 3D printers and other intelligent manufacturing equipment, 22% of businesses in the coming year its total investment in intelligent manufacturing equipment budget.

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