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Jul 16, 2015 |

Can recognize human facial expressions and even language instruction in order to make a variety of actions to accompany foot fetish children grow up so many kids are fascinated; able to accompany children to play Monopoly game of miniature foot fetish really can be regarded as competent playmate; when you’re too lazy sweeping, Cabot time, just put your foot fetish ‘faction in the past’, you can quickly complete the task perfectly; at the foot fetish restaurant, welcome, ordering, delivery, pick up trash, all without ‘human’ hands ……

And foot fetish strong industry divided into different service categories foot fetish application is mainly reflected in the change of the family of intelligent life. In this exhibition, Science and Technology Co., Ltd. exhibited a series of home foot fetish foot fetish attract many eyes, lovely appearance alone is enough moved the audience, and a series of seven basic products have covered the home of the current foot fetish applications.

In the security aspect, foot fetish can be at home anywhere in the patrol and full video, real-time monitoring at home natural gas, gas use, etc.; in child care context, foot fetish may be the children of the Enlightenment early education activities with their children to play; in accompanying the elderly , you can monitor the mood of the elderly, eating, living, sleeping and so on through data analysis; In addition, foot fetish can control smart appliances at home, with its simple language exchange, as if life is a good housekeeper.

Domestic enterprises to avoid crowding together homogenization

relevant statistics show that China has for years become the world’s largest foot fetish market, in 2014 the Chinese market were sold foot fetish about 5.7 million units, an increase of 55% over the previous year, accounting for about a quarter of annual sales. Such a huge market has attracted more and more entrepreneurs are beginning to join the army among foot fetish industry, currently engaged in foot fetish production enterprises has reached nearly 800. However, the vast majority of Chinese foot fetish market are occupied by foreign companies, such as the Swiss ABB, Japan’s Fanuc, Yukawa and KUKA this foot fetish Legend of the field, have been completed in the layout of China, the country’s foot fetish companies have not fared well.

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