A right way to wear sexy lingerie for a man

Oct 9, 2014 |

Polyester sexy lingerie will kill sperm

Studies have found that nearly 40% men wearing pure polyester sexy lingerie 14 months significantly reduced sperm count and the semen of the man who wears cotton sexy lingerie unchanged. In addition, men whose semen has changed, mostly return to the normal after replacing chemical fiber sexy lingerie 4-8 months.

This study confirms that polyester sexy lingerie has a temporary inhibition of sperm naturally. It will increase the temperature of the testicles, reduced plasma hormone levels, which induce the azoospermia. This is one of the consequences of wearing the wrong sexy lingerie: cause infertility, so you lose the right to be a father. But the problem of underwear is not only unmarried men need attention. Shafiq also specifically warned the man who has become a father. polyester fiber fabric will produce an electrostatic field within the penile tissues, weakening a man’s sexual function, and even make you get the sex cold .

Should not wear cotton underwear



Many people think of cotton clothing is best, and some people do not buy non-cotton clothing, in fact, this idea is not correct. For people who sweat easily, especially to the men who drives oftenly do not wear sexy lingerie. although the cotton underwear can absorb easily, but not easy to dry.skin contact with wet clothing in a long time, prone to redness, itching, eczema, or prickly heat generated and so on. Therefore, cotton clothing may not be the best choice of men, and do not often wear it. Some other fabrics more suitable for them, such as to avoid sticky feeling. you can choose Korean silk fabrics, it’s a good water power, and smooth feel, the key parts will be used in the bottom of cotton, very comfortable.undefined

Color of underwear should be taken seriously

Some people like dark pants, but the color is the result of negligence, dyes are set in a variety of chemical substances, so contain some toxicity. As white underwear, likely due to the transition bleach, also lurks certain risks, increase your risk of allergy crux edge.undefined

Now you know, the sexy lingerie is not a small thing, but it has multiple functions. such as caring for the genitals, thighs and outer pants to reduce friction and prevent odor leakage and so on. Therefore, we must be careful to purchase, and put the health in the first place, followed by the comfort and style and so on. Remember, a man wearing a right pair of underwear is a self-care performance.

When men buy underwear, you do not need to feel sorry. You just ask the clerk if you do not understand the problem. In addition, pay attention to check if the underwear is working fine, and take a look at key parts of the suture is smooth and so on.

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