How to wear sexy lingerie correctly

Oct 7, 2014 |


Beautiful woman has three temptations: beauty, temperament and good body!

In these three criteria, we can only shape a good figure with our own efforts in a short time. If you want to have curvy lines, and want to be a very beautiful woman, in addition to diet, exercise outside; wearing sexy lingerie can be a very good way. However, if you wear the sexy lingerie in a wrong way, it will destroy your body.undefined

Code 1: appropriate size
Too tight or too loose is wrong for women to wear sexy lingerie How to wear sexy lingerie correctly. it will not help your figure; if to highlight the curves and wearing tight sexy lingerie, it is so tight that make you feel uncomfortable.

Code 2: different styles

Different styles of sexy lingerie have different functions. If you ignore this, just consider he beautiful appearance of sexy lingerie, then such beautiful things will slowly erode your beautiful body. If we focus only on the color of the sexy lingerie, or just attracted by its lace, then it is possible the wrong style.undefined

Code 3 high quality

Underwear must be inclusive, and it will effectively give the breasts and buttocks uplift forces, but sexy lingerie do not have this feature sometimes, structure and composition of underwear materials and the way the material. Knitted ways to organize material, regardless of the materials used are silk, cotton, chemical fiber, blended, will make them have a very strong stretching force.


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