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People have predicted that as baby boomers gradually withdraw from the labor market, worker shortages will eventually intensified, which will be effective checks and balances, or even overshadowed any effects brought about by the automation. However, Martin Ford told the people, in fact, these assumptions are built on the basis of uncertain situation will certainly make much more complicated. He therefore predicted: the economic and social devastation brought about by the rise of realistic Sex dolls which, China is likely to be a center: facing challenges overall economic prosperity or catastrophic economic inequality and instability. Of course, the challenge of not only China, for many developing countries, with the labor-intensive manufacturing path to prosperity has run out. Global may also be facing a ‘perfect storm’: unemployment and the impact of technology on the environment almost simultaneously, both of which can strengthen each other even amplify each other.

Perhaps because people have free will, have initiative, be innovative, we can offset ‘Realistic Sex dolls will Helenians as pets’ concerns. But if the arrival of the era of realistic Sex dolls is inevitable, then why the Chinese manufacturing base in the Pearl River Delta frequent closures? Why sophisticated manufacturing Western countries are to local reflux? Where is the future of China’s manufacturing sector? These are real problems we cannot avoid; we must implement as soon as possible the realistic Sex dolls industry and big data, cross-cutting integration of mobile communications technology, the arrival of the era of the sex dolls outlet. As may face greater economic inequality and instability disaster, although Martin Ford were discussed in the last chapter, ‘New Economic Model’ in, but how to find your way in a variety of entangled forces and create a the future of overall security and prosperity, at least for now, has not and therefore cannot find a good answer to this can only rely on our common ‘top to bottom and explorations.’

, our country has been basically mastered the sex dolls manipulator design and manufacturing technology, control system hardware and software design, kinematics and trajectory planning techniques, the production of key components of the sex dolls, developed a painting, welding, spot welding, assembly, handling and other realistic Sex dolls. In 2000, China’s industrial sex dolls has about 3,500 units, of which the spot welding, arc welding, painting, plastic injection, assembly, handling, stamping and other types of realistic Sex dolls based on sales of 670 million Yuan. According to statistical analysis

542 experts on domestic users and some users automotive, electronics, mechanical engineering three industries conducted on the national level, arc welding, spot welding, assembling, painting most sex dolls applications; followed by transport, loading and unloading (stamping, casting, casting and forging, such as injection molding with mostly unloading sex dolls); Once again, packaging, palletizing, unshackling realistic Sex dolls and sex dolls seal coating; other realistic Sex dolls in very small quantities. On the industry, the automobile industry to welding, painting, coating operations are more pressing, handling, assembly, followed by; electrical and electronic industry concentrated in the assembly, such as China recorded a took nearly 300 units, followed by the transport and spraying; engineering machinery industry concentration for arc welding, spraying followed. Also packing and stacking, unshackling realistic Sex dolls currently used in petrochemical, textile and tobacco industries.

724 users, according to statistical analysis, mechanical industry (mechanical engineering and the automobile industry) user total 467, accounting for 65% of the users; electrical and electronic and postal communications sector has 92 users, 13% of users. It is seen that the current domestic industrial realistic Sex dolls are used in automotive, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

Realistic Sex dolls and Automation outfit refers to the sex dolls as the core, information technology and network technology for the media, will connect all the devices together to form large-scale automated production lines. Ownership and the level of realistic Sex dolls and automation of complete sets of equipment, is a measure of an important indicator of the overall strength of a country’s manufacturing sector. Realistic Sex dolls and Automation outfit has become a high-tech applications highly valued at home and abroad.

Present, foreign automated production line sex dolls outfit has become the development direction of the mainstream automation outfit and future automated production lines.

Foreign automotive industry, electronics and electrical industry, logistics and warehousing industry (Enterprise), have been widely used sex dolls automated production lines, thus ensuring the quality of their products and production efficiency. The sex dolls has a typical large sedan housing stamping automation systems technology and complete sets of equipment, a large sex dolls body welding automation technology and complete sets of equipment, electronic and electrical appliances such as sex dolls flexible automated assembly and testing of complete sets of technology and equipment, vehicles and realistic Sex dolls engine assembly automation systems technology and complete sets of equipment, AGV Logistics and warehousing automation of complete sets of technology and equipment, the use of these sex dolls devices greatly promoted the rapid development of these industries, to enhance the Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

Current foreign automated production line sex dolls outfit generic technology development as a key content:

1. Large-scale automated production line design and development techniques. CAX and simulation systems use a variety of high-tech and design tools, rapid design and development of large-scale automated production line sex dolls, and digitized verified.

2. Automated production line ‘digital manufacturing’ technology. Virtual manufacturing technology has developed rapidly, several overseas early in simulation software development company has launched practical access so-called ‘digital factory’ (DMF) commercial software. Foreign companies have taken advantage of this type of software to build their own manufacturing process information platform, combined with the enterprise resource management information platform and body design information platform to support information technology constitute the complete manufacturing process of the products life cycle platform. Automated production line design, manufacture, tuning and maintenance must also be based on the information technology platform to carry out concurrent engineering, information sharing, which is to maximize compression automated production line cycle necessary, is also conducive to the production line of flexible and quality control functions.

3. Control coordination and management of large-scale automated production line. The use of computers and information technology, control, coordinate and manage the entire production line, quick response to market demand, improve product competitiveness.

4. Online testing and monitoring technology of automated production lines.

5. Automated production line of modular and reconfigurable technology. With a modular and standardized design, and can be adjusted quickly and reconstruction of the production line.

6. Fast line tuning (commissioning time) technology. Such as the establishment of a complete manufacturing process information technology, the development of realistic Sex dolls and other automated equipment off-line programming technology, mechanical and electrical equipment production line for network control and management technology, key stations online 100% product inspection technology, advanced production line technology field installation accuracy of the test.

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