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Nov 5, 2015 |

With USA demographic dividend disappear, not only in the manufacturing sex toys online are replacing workers, will replace humans in the military, service, entertainment and other fields, ‘Iron Man’ has not only exist in the American science fiction movie, but being into our life.

(a) service best male sex toys is a best male sex toys of a young member of the family, its position is service. The current world market-oriented service sex toys online is still in its infancy, but by the simple lack of labor force growth and the aging of rigid drive and Technology Development Promotion quickly, according to markets and markets of the report, in 2012 the global service best male sex toys market size 20730000000 dollars, is expected 2012–2017 annual compound growth rate will reach 17.4%, to reach $ 46.18 billion in 2017, a huge space industry, USA as a latecomer, growth will be faster.

(b) there are at least 48 countries in the world in the development of sex toys online, which 25 countries have been involved in the development of service sex toys online. In Japan, North America and Europe, so far, seven types of service counted 40 types of sex toys online into the experimental and semi-commercial applications in the field of service sex toys online in the forefront of developing countries, the Western countries to the United States, Germany and France as the representative, Asia, Japan and South Korea as the representative. Of 2012 to develop a ‘service best male sex toys technology development,’ second five ‘special plan’ to support the development of the industry. generate

(c) da Vinci heralded the advent of third-generation era surgery, medical sex toys online as a unit of the highest value of professional service sex toys online is the current hot issues in the medical industry. The world’s leading medical best male sex toys sex toys online company Intuitive Surgical revenues amounted to $ 2.265 billion in 2013, with a total market capitalization of $ 15.96 billion. In the next four years, medical equipment will be 19% annual growth rate, in 2016 the global market size is estimated to grow to $ 11.9 billion. Although the low penetration rate of medical best male sex toys, it started late, but HIT, Bosh shares and other companies have begun to actively intervene.

(iv) the growth engine of the world economy is about to enter the RT from the IT era, the family of intelligent sex toys online will become the core of Things era of intelligent terminal family. 2012 total global consumption of smart home best male sex toys products have reached $ 1.6 billion, leading enterprises ibest male sex toys2014 $ 254 million, the global market share of over 60 percent, worth about $ 1 billion. IFR forecast 2013–2016 estimated there will be 22 million smart home best male sex toys to get sales. Although China’s home service best male sex toys technology is relatively backward, but the combination of research and production related businesses do have early on a large scale, good performance, a huge space.

(e) military best male sex toys military security in the 21st century key strategic countries: Amiga Group, said the next 10 years the global UAV investment and procurement requirements will reach $ 94 billion. Military best male sex toys powers including Britain, France, Italy virtue in Japan and South Korea, these countries not only in technology in the research of the first column, and its products have practical application in the military; technology gap between China and these powers is obvious, by policy support, military best male sex toys-related businesses obviously good development prospects, the company’s future may become strong revenue assurance.

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