Self-test diseases by your sexy lingerie

Oct 7, 2014 |

Sexy lingerie is small but hides many secrets, not only to outline the woman slim curve, increasing a woman’s charm, but also help a female friend to self-test gynecological diseases. Sexy lingerie is the most intimate “friends” with the private parts of women, most private parts issues will be reflected in the sexy lingerie. So, how to self-test disease by the sexy lingerie? Quickly see it!

What kind’s sexy lingerie is suitable for you?

What kind of underwear to wear is the healthiest and most breathable? What kind of sexy lingerie can cause female gynecological disease-ridden? How to detect precursor from the sexy lingerie?


Cotton underwear – Pros: Comfortable, breathable; Disadvantages: easy to fold, easy to shrink

Lace panties – Advantages: light, mysterious; Disadvantages: vaginal diseases disabled

Thong – Advantages: sexy, personal trace; Disadvantages: ventilation is poor, vulnerable

Boxers – Benefits: With culottes easy; Disadvantages: None shaping role

High-waited briefs – Advantages: shaping, warm belly; Disadvantages: restraint, unsightly

Secret hidden on underwear


Do you also have such problems, smelly underwear? Vaginal discharge yellow? Even have blood on underwear!? Vaginal discharge occurs when the number, color, odor change when your reproductive system is in the alarm!


Four ways to wear sexy lingerie healthily:


1, wearing panties the “three no”

First: you should not wear tight underwear;

Second: you should not wear dark underwear;

Third: you should not wear synthetic underwear.

Forth: cotton cloth, ventilation and sanitary

Many women have the lower part of the itching, discoloration troubled smelly vaginal discharge. When you purchase of small sexy lingerie, you should choose cotton cloth.

In your daily life, you should take care of the lower body; so you will have a perfect night with your boyfriend. If you want to attract your boyfriend, you should pay attention to the lower body hygiene.

3, clean, laundry detergent does not remain

Sexy lingerie is best to be washed with your hands, or separate cleaning, try not to wash with pants, socks. Many girls in order to wash personal clothing clearly, often use too much laundry detergent, but the resulting residue, causing skin irritation problems.

4, the sun, ultraviolet disinfection

Many girls in order to keep the image of a lady always hangs sexy lingerie in a dark place. It is not good, because sunlight contains ultraviolet, can sterilize, and keep the sexy lingerie healthy. If you still embarrassed to let small pants in the sun, we must use the dryer to dry thoroughly little pants. It is comfortable to wear fresh and clear sexy lingerie.

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