Sex lingerie industry-wide retail business model

Oct 9, 2014 |

Popular ,lifestyle and values of the consumer and Internet thinking change rapidly and multiply digital.intelligent and social technology have become the norm.consumers want a dynamic, open, especially in continuous multi-channel way to achieve accessibility uninterrupted shopping. Under this change, sex lingerie companies need to get a “full retail” business model.This able to re-focus on customer expectations, its business model as a basis, the supply chain, marketing and sales and finance fully integrated, while the construction of this model needs the following aspects.




Customer experience first: to offer consumers truly personalized service and sex lingerie shopping experience.

Activate Big Data: Retailers must use digital technologies to acquire and accumulate accurate data on consumers and lay the foundation for the ability to seamlessly from multiple retail channels.

Digital supply chain: starting from the enterprise level, with all parties, including the supply chain nodes stores, suppliers and other partners. This business style  including co-operation through the application of digital technology and management, improve the inventory visibility of sex lingerie, stock rates, earnings rate and speed of delivery.undefinedundefined

Performance indicators to measure change: global enterprise should look breakeven redesign management indicators and incentives to drive sales and improve profitability.

Play a greater role in the store: the store and online channels to support each other, so that consumers have more influence to facilitate consumer contacts, meet consumer demand for uninterrupted shopping.

Within the next twelve months, sex lingerie industry to maintain a “neutral” rating

For an investment in sex lingerie enterprises, we believe that the company earlier reforms, the whole layout of the channel business model but our future choice. We propose to focus on the company: Pathfinder, Semir clothing, Anna Rich, Carolina textile, Sea Orchid House.

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