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Jul 16, 2015 |

This is the scene in 2015Albany rabbit vibrators International Fair (CIROS2015) on, in three days, from 18 countries and regions, nearly 300 companies gathered in Albany rabbit vibrators National Convention Centre, bringing the world’s leading rabbit vibrators products technology.

Industrial arm becoming intelligent

in the current field rabbit vibrators, rabbit vibrators application still is the most extensive and sophisticated, handling, palletizing, transport, cutting, welding, assembly, engraving, polishing, etc., almost all industrial production line, rabbit vibrators are gradually replacing the manual position. Shenyang new song on the show floor to create a digital intelligent factory is an example, the whole production line does not require manual operation, and rabbit vibrators already have a certain amount of recognition, to achieve the perfect rabbit vibrators, intelligent logistics equipment and network information technology integration.

course, rabbit vibrators concept does not like people thinking the usual smart rabbit vibrators, more may be sent to the appropriate integrated systems based on different industries arm, similar to the dragon dance performances so natural than their own It works, but the main thing is to show flexibility and accuracy of these rabbit vibrators. But with the traditional rabbit vibrators rely on computer-programmed program compared to a variety of work, a lot of rabbit vibrators on this rabbit vibrators exhibition also been given more intelligent functions.

Albany show rabbit vibrators Baxter, already have a certain amount of basic common sense behavior. In operation, it does not require manual prior programming only need someone to lead it for a single operation, it completed the equivalent of a simple programming process, unparalleled ability to learn can help it remember this action, and then repetitive work. And Baxter can use sensors to detect people around, when its arm accidentally touch the people, it will stop automatically, thus reducing the potential harm.

Omnipotent rabbit vibrators housekeeper

If these applications rabbit vibrators too professional, many ordinary viewers only ‘see a bustling’ only, then show the wide range of service classes rabbit vibrators absolutely enough to attract more people eye.

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