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4-5 years sexy doll London

Mar 24, 2015 |

Sexy doll London applications is expanding, it is possible to live a life of service adult dolls spice of life is being approached. In this exhibition, you will be able to see a display of Italian Adult dolls sexy doll London baby. The4-5 year has a 4-5 year old child’s ability to learn, but also … read more

The top 10 manufacturer of sexy love doll

Mar 24, 2015 |

According to statistics of the electronics industry demand for industrial love doll accounting for about 30% of the sales of industrial love doll in the world, following the automobile and auto parts industry, the second largest industrial sexy love doll applications. Electronic class IC, chip components areas: industrial sexy love doll applications in these areas … read more

The real life doll business in UK

Mar 7, 2015 |

Industry 4.0 is coming along with the times, the concept of people’s awareness deepening industrial powers, the transformation and upgrading of traditional equipment manufacturing and ‘machine Substitution’ concept directly contributed to the real life size doll UK [-2.47% funding research report] industry flourished and fast development of. Held March 12, 2015 in Tianjin, UK Eleventh … read more

Chinese sex doll manufacturing time is not well-off.

Dec 22, 2014 |

To “Chi-made” changes from “manufacturing”, need high-quality front-line workers, domestic demand training vocational education can be achieved? Regardless of the past few decades, the public’s attitude to industrial workers repeated several times, perception of vocational education inconsistencies. Recently, the vocational education system in the most active social training organizations, especially in some parts of the … read more

China will be the largest usher in industrial life like real dolls

Oct 20, 2014 |

  Lee predicted that after the automotive field, the electronic products,electronic communications and other life like real dolls will become an important market;The life like real doll industries are facing recruitment difficulties, rising labor costs and other issues. It poured into the life like real doll industry and will become inevitable; There are many working … read more