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Unprecedented government support sex doll industry

Oct 20, 2014 |

  Insiders said that in the past few years, Chinese adult doll market was going to achieve a leap in development. China was still low compared to developed countries in international. By the end of 2013, China adult doll ownership is only twenty-three ten thousandths, not to half the world average. This means that the … read more

The adjustment of economic structure on silicone sex doll

Oct 20, 2014 |

  We all know that China is the world’s largest producer for silicon industry and consumer countries. It has the largest steel market, which is accompanied by the third industrial revolution. China’s industrial structure adjustment and transformation, China has quietly become the world’s largest market for intelligent silicone sex doll for men. With the painful … read more

How silicone sex doll in made in Japan

Jul 26, 2014 |

Dear friend, we show you here, how Japanese silicone sex doll is be made, we will go to see an Japanese silicone sex doll factory, like Japan AV culture, the Japanese silicone doll styling is very rich, skills are more mature, but mainstream consumers still prefer “girl” silicone doll, for example, “school girl” is very popular.   In such … read more