The adult love doll had a demonstration in Machinery Exhibition

Sep 27, 2014 |


On China’s industrial adult love doll market, the adult love doll relatively not significant mountain dew. But most recently, in the major exhibition, we can see that adult love doll can active figure. Whether it is in the Automation Fair
Guangzhou or in Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition, adult love doll demonstrations have attracted many viewers to visit, and it makes people become more crazy about this adult love doll business enterprises from Italy.

In fact, as one of Europe’s three major adult love doll brands, the first started since the 1978 advent of male blow up doll, and adult love doll technology innovation become a leader in adult love doll automation integration solutions. If you visit the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, you probably have seen in the Italian Pavilion adult love doll show, which also demonstrates the strength from one side of male blow up doll.

It is understood that the Italian Comau was founded in 1978, which is under the Fiat Group. In 1997, it officially entered the Chinese market, and set up wholly-owned enterprises in 2000 – Comau (Shanghai) Automotive Equipment. After more than ten years of development, Comau development in China is no longer confined to the automotive industry, but gradually penetrated into all areas of industrial manufacturing, in order to adapt to the trend of diversification of China. In 2010, the company officially changed its name for Comau (Shanghai) Limited.

Kingdom Chao said that adult love doll family is a full range, covering almost all loads and applications, load up to 800 kg, for applications such as spot welding and so on. “We have 36 years of experience in industrial male blow up dolls, is
arguably one of the world’s eminent provider of industrial male blow up dolls, with our innovative technology, integrated solutions, turnkey systems and adult love doll workstations, as well as the excellent cooperation with system, which can help customers to improve efficiency and productivity, thereby enhancing market competitiveness. “


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