The competition between real life doll and adult doll

Mar 7, 2015 |

By the end of 2013, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a ‘guidance on the promotion of industrial development of the real sex doll UK,’ by 2020, foster 3-5 furniture internationally competitive enterprises and 8-10 supporting industry clusters, high-end real sex doll UK aspects of domestic adult doll accounted for about 45% market share.

Domestic real sex doll UK development in recent years has made great progress. Adult doll by about half in the past is used in the automotive industry, now has exceeded this limit, in other industries, such as electronics and information industry are beginning to gain popularity and in applications. Guangdong done better in this regard, they are the first to use the real sex doll UK in the electronic information industry. Because labor costs are relatively low in the past, Guangdong is the most developed provinces in the processing trade, in line hired a large number of migrant workers to do some simple work. Due to changes in two aspects, one is the integration of the product of increasingly high; the second is on the rise in labor costs, which gives the real sex doll UK application in the development of this industry provides a great opportunity.
indicators used to measure the popularity of international real sex doll UK is a real sex doll UK ownership per million workers, our real sex doll UK has a capacity of 23 units per million workers, 273 units in Germany, Japan, Korea and already more than 300 units. This shows that our machines substitutions there are great potential, great market.
Of course, this also brings production organization, so that the problem of social change on the management of a large number of adult doll replacing people, employment, how to do? So we have to take into account the good of China’s population is more, there is a great pressure on employment situation, step by step, step by step. At the same time indicates that the workforce training and more important, dry simple labor workforce increasingly difficult to find a job, to understand software, computers, and labor demand will operate more and more. From vocational education should follow up.


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