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Nov 5, 2015 |

Due to the rapid increase in labor and other costs, USA manufacturing industry is experiencing ‘how to maintain the advantage’ test, forced into the ‘corner’ of the USA manufacturing urgent need for a revolutionary transformation and upgrading. At this time, the toys sex as the company’s ‘savior’, as frequently appear in the news, all over the country set off a ‘machine Substitution’ climax. Faced with a wave of the shares of the toys sex, we need to calm down and think about a problem: the toys sex can become all manufacturing enterprises ‘savior’? What

toys sex is a toys sex for industrial multi-joint toys sex manipulator or freedom sex toys for guys device can perform work automatically, by its own power and control capabilities to achieve a variety of functions. It can accept human command, you can run the program in accordance with pre-programmed.

sex toys for guys and Intelligent Manufacturing is the moment of the advanced productive forces, it will be the engine of sustained global economic development. Due to rising labor costs and an increasingly competitive market, companies use sex toys for guys instead of workers, can improve productivity and reduce operating costs. High-end equipment industry first whipped up a whirlwind toys sex posts, companies use sex toys for guys to save labor costs, improve production efficiency, bring more convenience to the manufacturing sector.

sex toys for guys in industrial production can replace people doing some monotonous, frequent and repeated a long job, for example, stamping, die casting, heat treatment, welding, painting, plastic molding, mechanical processing and simple assembly processes, as well as in the nuclear industry and other sectors, the completion of harmful material handling or process operation. Moreover, the toys sex has a higher labor efficiency at work, on the job accuracy and cleanliness is also very stable. sex toys for guys can be fully guaranteed in accordance with uniform standards for a long time to complete aliasing completely repetitive movements, which is the biggest advantage of the toys sex compared with people. After

sex toys for guys replace workers took the job, its cooperation with the machine tool manufacturers are more valued and optimistic. With machine tools, sex toys for guys and machine tools can be combined into a fully automated production plant, complete a series of production work, for enterprises to achieve factory automation one step closer.

First, the domestic toys sex manufacturing process most difficult to keep up the pace of production, only with companies some simple work. On the whole toys sex industry chain, China’s non-core components of the upstream industry chain manufacturers support, key components still imported from abroad, long-term control of others. The foreign import sex toys for guys, the price is not cheap.

toys sex is a capital and technology intensive projects, for enterprises, one-time huge amounts of money. Buy a toys sex, at least tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands more, the bulk of the composition of toys sex production line requires a lot of financial support for small businesses ‘machine substitutions’ are often powerless. To ‘machine Substitution’ on several artificial reduction in the short term simply does not pay. For many SMEs, tens of millions and tens of millions of capital investment, will create enormous pressure on business.

Second, companies need a tough run-in process machinery, sex toys for guys need professionals to program operation and efficient operation of the machine is still inseparable from the people’s cooperation. If you encounter failures and problems in the opening of the new production line, the operation of the toys sex when the overhaul will often spend a lot of maintenance funds. Because the problem of talent, ‘machine substitutions,’ many companies desire to become difficult to achieve.

again, the toys sex main application areas or in assembly, handling precision placement and the rear part of the front end. In the vast majority of intermediate manufacturing sector, because the model, function, complexity varying degrees, sophisticated manufacturing still must be done by hand. The best example is Amiga ‘machine substitutions’ on ‘silent’, as well as a large number of recruitment. In the past few years, about the Amiga toys sex ‘giving birth’, ‘Silence’ and other news hit the newspapers from time to time. Enrollment lot of ordinary production workers, from advancing to some extent means Amiga toys sex program launched three years ago, and could not imagine the success.

Finally, we go back and look at this issue: the toys sex can become all manufacturing enterprises ‘savior’? Surely it has been in the hearts of spectators own some calculations. I believes that the ‘machine Substitution’, while sex toys for guys and machine tools deepening cooperation, the future plant ‘toys sex Machine’ operating mode has been predictable. The toys sex will work with the machine tool manufacturing, to achieve unmanned factory. However, not all manufacturers toys sex ‘savior.’ In the ‘machine Substitution’ campaign is in full swing now, and business leaders need to calm thinking and analysis, to make the most advantageous choice for the enterprise.

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