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With respect to the foreign starter, leading edge research and development of the sexy doll industry lags far behind the United States and Japan, and even a step backward compared to South Korea, in particular, to carry out the assembly sexy doll is far from being among adolescents, making scientific activities, This will be related to the industrial development after two or three decades in China.

In recent years, we studied the cultural creative industries, we found a foreign culture industry is on the rise, there is a close relationship between science and technology industries of the future – the sexy doll research, development and manufacturing, the participants engaged in academic research in addition to the traditional scientific work other than those, university research team, specializing in personnel of enterprise products, more a large number of young people to actively join this new trend among emerging science and technology. Here’s what we study and ponder on the development of this industry in the overseas.

Sexy doll (also known as women sex doll, sexy doll, English name: Sexy doll), in the history of human science and technology development has a long history. As early as the Three Kingdoms period, Huge Liang wooden ox invention that is the crystallization of ancient Chinese people’s intelligence. With modern industrial revolution, the development of women sex doll industry has become the main pillar of modern industry. Because science fiction is tied to the ‘perpetual motion’, the dream of space exploration and human performance that cannot be resolved to achieve the realm of innovative ideas, promote research scientists want to create all sorts of people can replace mechanical. Six of the last century, automated women sex doll seventies, unmanned aircraft and so on, that is a bold attempt and break the chain of this industry. Although, later computers, electronics industry developed to divert the focus of attention, but on sexy doll research and development has been ongoing with. And nearly two decades, since the great strides the development of computer technology, electronics and genetic engineering techniques, ‘sexy doll’ R \u0026 D craze from the laboratory professionals came out to become an integrated research and development capabilities activity, participants also broke zoned for all walks of life in prison, fragmented predicament began aspect commissural, Vying Doo-yen Filed upsurge of research and production attempts. One of the most prominent is the active participation of young people and college students, which is somewhat similar to China five boom, the rise of the middle school students in the sixties ore assemble their own radios as outreach activities. But now young people interested in women sex doll foreign activities there is a historical background and cultural environment: First, high-tech (especially speeding IT development); First, comics, movies, video, sports competition, the impact of video games and the Internet. The latter is a contemporary cultural context very dry system. For example: Hollywood movie ‘Star Wars’ sexy doll, there were many, painters Japanese anime cartoon character Astor Boy, armored soldiers, women sex doll mask, which makes many of the original mechanical assembly, but is not interested in handmade keen animation (cartoon), playing video games young people have started to holders of interest and led to a group or team to build a sexy doll of the professional game, including sparring, football, basketball, wrestling, transported material, race and so on, as well as Contemporary Sports and smart sports-related projects. Because only the fierce confrontation in order to stimulate innovative ideas among the participants and production capacity, people rush to the strongest and most innovative products appeared to get the victory. Research

Sexy doll from the outset anthropomorphic, so only the sexy doll, manipulator development and production, but also to do with the human women sex doll to replace human labor cannot be done or adventure. But the last decade, more and more not only to optimize the development of the sexy doll, and covers many areas, the scope of application is very broad. To a great extent, should be used on space development, rover, deep-sea explorers, offshore oil exploration, space shuttle women sex doll arm, etc., small to micro-surgery mechanical life monitoring instrument. Use military is changing, from the bomb, clearing landmines is to unmanned aircraft, tanks, and some even predict the future such as a possible war, as Star Wars is a war sexy doll. As for industry, agriculture, genetic bio-industry, medicine, cultural industries, telecommunications, energy development, will be due to the emergence of a large number of women sex doll on stage industrial revolution. British Telecommunications futurology department researcher but had accurately predicted the emergence of mobile SMS, spam and online search engines is known, in the recently published scientific outlook predicted five years in which there are several on the sexy doll.

Needless to say, the future development of the sexy doll will be moving in three areas:

one, and life of human society more closely together, that people make more services as elements

Twenty years later, the family remove, nursing care work cleaning work or elderly people may be completely replaced by women sex doll. San Francisco, US hospitals have begun to use the sexy doll to send medicine to patients, dispensing services. President of the United States ay sexy doll’s interview said the company’s home cleaning women sex doll, in 2002, only $ 1.2 million in sales by 2004 had soared more than 10 times. Also, the home of a fully automated, without the need to drive automatic cars, etc, it is unable to count or to predict.

Second, bionic, biological big trend

For example, a subsidiary of Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Romeo Engineering successfully developed mechanical golden fish ‘Goldfish Tiger’ 1 meter long and weighs 25 kilograms, is a big giant fish that can automatically swim in the water, can help monitor the bridge’s security and gathering the situation of the fishing season, monitor river pollution. Sony’s Ambo sexy doll dog developed will host sound emotional reactions, has been able to mimic emotions and fear and other emotions, in the future there may be a substitute for real guide dog sexy doll. In addition, the film ‘Jurassic Park’ dinosaur sexy doll is an example. Such bionic sexy doll has also been widely used for reconnaissance wrecker, transfer of military intelligence on the enemy in the invisible means even go up. University of Hawaii, featuring an underwater sexy doll research center, has been a considerable scale. In early August of this year the Russian mini-submarine on the seabed shall bind nets, trapped in the deep sea at 190 meters, you have to help the rescue boat’s help ‘Scorpio’ was out of danger of the UK, ‘Scorpio’ was that undersea women sex doll.

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