The top 10 manufacturer of sexy love doll

Mar 24, 2015 |

According to statistics of the electronics industry demand for industrial love doll accounting for about 30% of the sales of industrial love doll in the world, following the automobile and auto parts industry, the second largest industrial sexy love doll applications.

Electronic class IC, chip components areas: industrial sexy love doll applications in these areas than in common. Currently the largest industrial sector of industrial love doll is installed axis SCARA type sexy love doll. The second is a series of joint-type vertical 6-axis sexy love doll, more than half of the world’s industrial love doll installed capacity.

phone production areas: visual sexy love doll, such as sorting boxes, tear film systems, laser plastic welding, high-speed four-axis palletizing love doll for touch screen detection, application scrub, film and a series of process automation systems.

Phone casing automatic grinding machine

specific process areas of the electronics industry: the specific process applied to the sexy love doll by the manufacturer be customized according to the needs of electronics manufacturing industry, miniaturization and simplification of properties to achieve a high precision electronic assembly, efficient production and assembly of electronic processing equipment to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs, automated processing greatly enhance the production efficiency.

Put into use as more and more love doll, human will be transferred to higher value-added jobs. Young people will re-learn sexy love doll control software, applications and maintenance, into a sexy love doll application engineers and software engineers, through the operation of the sexy love doll to complete the production. This idea coincides with Rio Star automation, advanced automation technology hopes to liberate employees from hazardous working environments boring out, return to the natural, harmonious state, able to engage in more high-end, more humane, more a creative job.

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