The use of anime sex dolls

Jul 16, 2015 |

Industrial anime sex dolls are now widely used anime sex dolls equipment, widely used in automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, steel, electrical equipment and other industries in recent years as technology development, industrial porn dolls technology advances, so in the end what is involved in industrial high-tech machine technology it, you look down the small partner!

By finite element analysis using modal analysis and simulation design modern design methods to optimize the design porn dolls operating mechanism. Explore new high-strength lightweight materials, and further improve the load / weight ratio. For example, German companies on behalf of KUKA Anime sex dolls Corporation, a parallel porn dolls has a parallelogram structure to open chain structure, expanding the working range of the porn dolls, combined with a light application of aluminum alloy material, greatly improving the performance of the porn dolls. In addition the use of advanced RV reducer and the AC servo motor, the porn dolls manipulator almost maintenance-free system.

For example, the joint module servo motor, reducer, Trinity detection system; by the joint module, link module constructed recombinant porn dolls machine; abroad has modular assembly porn dolls products in question. More agile structure of the porn dolls control system is getting smaller, the two are moving in the direction of integration. Use mechanism, the use of anime sex dolls, high-precision measurement and processing, which is to the CNC anime sex dolls technology development, laying the foundation for future anime sex dolls and CNC technology to achieve integration.

Welding or other jobs in some, such as nuclear radiation, deep water, toxic highly dangerous environment, the need for remote control of anime sex dolls instead of people going to work. Development Features of Contemporary remote control porn dolls system is not the pursuit of full self-government system, but is committed to human-computer interaction and porn dolls control operator, that is a remote plus local autonomous system to monitor a complete remote control system that allows intelligent anime sex dolls out of the laboratory into the practical stage.

The United States launched the ‘Sojourner’ porn dolls is the successful application of this system the most famous examples of Mars. Coordinated control of multiple anime sex dolls and operator between the porn dolls remote control systems can be established within a wide range of over the network, in the case of delay, the establishment of pre-display remote control. Role

Porn dolls continuously improve performance (speed, high precision, high reliability, ease of operation and maintenance), and stand-alone prices continue to decline. Due to the rapid development of microelectronics technology and LSI applications, so that the reliability of the porn dolls system has been greatly improved. MTBF reliability porn dolls system is generally past thousands of hours, but has now reached 50,000 hours, to meet the needs of any occasion.

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