Toysex is broad market

Nov 5, 2015 |

adult sex toys revolution is the UK Royal Academy of Engineering 19 August 2009 published scientific report entitled ‘autonomous systems’ proposed, because AI toysex and computers will be more and more in all aspects of life, 2019 adult sex toys revolution will usher in. The past two years, with the UK demographic dividend decline, labor costs rise, not only in manufacturing toysex are replacing workers, will surpass humans in the military, reconnaissance, service, entertainment and other fields. Boston Dynamics with Google acquired company (Boston Dynamics) designed a adult sex toys LS3, for example, it may not be the case in the next 24 hours supply, carrying 181 kg load to travel 32.2 kilometers, still in the woods, the rocks, the barriers It was complex and urban terrain operations that follow the soldiers. In addition, unmanned aircraft for reconnaissance, unmanned vehicles, for accompanying adult sex toys for childminders education and entertainment toysex for home cleaning adult sex toys.

adult sex toys industry report our 2014 series, it is divided into two parts : industrial toysex and service toysex papers papers, although still in its infancy UK adult sex toys, made a six-axis adult sex toys body produce less than 2,000 units, the core components of the gear unit is almost dependent on imports, but the UK market has become the world’s largest market, manufacturing, logistics, service areas, a huge potential demand for military applications.

the past two years, UK investment toysex industry is in full swing, dozens of listed companies to declare the field of toysex, while at the same time, toysex key technologies and core components not yet a breakthrough, researchers are scarce, low capacity redundant construction adult sex toys. At present, the adult sex toys whether excess capacity? UK adult sex toys enterprises should take what strategy? UK in which applications are expected to achieve import substitution?

future industrial toysex, service toysex, military toysex how much space? This report on the toysex industry and global leading listed companies were analyzed, compared to Japan, the United States, Germany, the toysex industry technical route, the development path, the downstream distribution market, the domestic adult sex toys industry development direction and spatial prediction, hope the adult sex toys industry, twelve investment grade market helps.

According to the International Union of toysex, service toysex is a semi-autonomous or fully autonomous adult sex toys work, it intends to complete the human health services, but does not include in the production of equipment. Location-based services is the service adult sex toys. From the features of the adult sex toys is concerned, it is essentially the difference between an industrial adult sex toys that industrial toysex working environment are known, and service toysex working environment faced by the vast majority are unknown.

2, the rigid demand-driven, broad market

adult sex toys in the world with a huge potential for development, developed countries in the development of service toysex is broad market. Development service adult sex toys driven by the following factors: insufficient simple labor. Due to rising labor costs in developed countries and there is growing increasingly reluctant to engage in work they do not like doing, like cleaning, care, security and other countries engaged in fewer and fewer people. This simple labor shortage makes service toysex has a huge market.

improve economic level. With the rising economic level, people’s disposable income, so that people can buy service toysex to liberate simple duplication of effort to get more free time. Development technology. After entering the Internet era of rapid scientific and technological development of mankind, thanks to the development of computer and microchip, intelligent toysex upgrading faster and faster, decrease costs, to achieve more and more functions, to achieve a more convenient and safer accurate.

aging. Global population aging bring a lot of problems, social security and services, needs more urgent care, and health care personnel shortage intensification of the conflict, service toysex as a good solution has a huge space for development

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