Unprecedented government support sex doll industry

Oct 20, 2014 |


Insiders said that in the past few years, Chinese adult doll market was going to achieve a leap in development. China was still low compared to developed countries in international. By the end of 2013, China adult doll ownership is only twenty-three ten thousandths, not to half the world average. This means that the Chinese market still has much room for development. Experts predicted that over the next decade, China adult doll market will remain for at least 30% growth.


“adult doll revolution is the entry point for the third industrial revolution with the impact of the global manufacturing landscape.” Lee said, “With the new generation of IT integration, we are going to accelerate the pace in the adult doll to make ii more flexible. The intelligent manufacturing model is for China expose and to give an opportunities to China’s economic development when ‘adult doll bonus’ era is coming. “

China’s first adult doll with an adult doll production digital production line will be officially put into operation recently, and the annual capacity is 5,000 units of industrial adult dolls.

“Economic Information Daily” reported that in New Pine Park’s, people want to see that this digital intelligent production line which covers more than 15,000 square meters. We can see that the company’s core integrates a new song mobile adult doll. We can see that smart devices and IT often show perfect integration in the production process. They are design many products to solve the conversion manufacture in a full production cycle.

“As the technology improves, other advantages will become more apparent. Chinese adult doll market will be more than one trillion yuan in a year or two.” Lee said.

General Secretary said that adult doll revolution is expected to become a “third industrial revolution” in an entry point and an important growth point, and it will affect the global manufacturing landscape. The “adult doll revolution” will create trillions dollar market. The adult doll is “Manufacturing crown jewel top”, and the application is a measure of a country’s level of technological innovation and it is an important symbol of high-end manufacturing. We want to raise up the level of our adult doll to capture the market as much as possible.


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